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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    1920-2020 Honorees

    Independence fighters and Politicians

    1. Sayid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan:- was a Somali religious and patriotic leader.
    2. Hawa Osman Tako early 20th century female nationalist whose sacrifice became a symbol for pan-Somalism.
    3. Abdulkhadir Sheikh Sakhawudeen :- Leader of SYL Party
    4. Yasin Haji Osman Sharmarke, SYL Member
    5. Mohamed Hirsi Nur (Seyedin), SYL Member
    6. Haji Mahamed Hussein Mahad,  SYL Member
    7. Osman Geedi Rage, SYL Member
    8. Dhere Haji Dhere, : SYL Member
    9. Dahir Haji Osman (Dhegaweyne), :- SYL Member
    10. Ali Hasan Maslah, :- SYL Member
    11. Mohamed Ali Nur,:- SYL Member
    12. Mohamed Farah Hilowle, :- SYL Member
    13. H. Mohamed Abdullahi Hayesi, :- SYL Member
    14. Hudow Malin Abdullahi Salah :- SYL Member
    15. Mohamed Osman Barbe Bardhere :- SYL Member
    16. Mohamed Cawale Liban :- He is noted for having designed the flag of Somalia in 1954
    17. Adan Abdulle Osman darar :- was the first president of Somalia
    18. Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke,  was a Prime Minister of Somalia, and 2nd President of Somalia, until his assassination.
    19. Mohamed Siyad Barre (Jaalle Mohamed Siad Barre  he was the 4th  President of the Somali Democratic Republic
    20. Abdullahi Issa Mohamud:_ was the 1st Prime Minister of Italian Somaliland
    21. Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal  was the first prime minister of the Somali Republic during the early and late 1960s. He also served as the President of the Republic of Somaliland.
    22. G. Daauud Abdullahi HIrsi ,was  ranked  of Commander-in-Chief of the nascent Somali National Army
    23. Nur Hassan Hussein (Nur Cadde) Was the Prime Minister of Somalia and Peace Maker.
    24. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed:- He was the 7th President of Somalia and former He was also Commander in Chief of the Islamic Courts Union.
    25. Hassan Shiekh Mohamud  :- was the 8th President of Somalia
    26. Mohamed abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo):-, Farmajo served as the 9th and current President of Somalia. He was previously a Prime Minister of Somalia
    27. Ismaïl Omar Guelleh is the current President of Djibouti,. And Peace Maker
    28. Hassan Ali Kheyre :- is a Somali- activist and the current Prime Minister of Somalia
    29. Abdulqawi Yusuf – international lawyer, judge and current President of the International Court of Justice in the Hague.
    30. Ahmed Hussein is a Somali Canadian lawyer and politician and Serving MP and Minister of Families, Children and Social Development in Canada.
    31. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar :- is serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district
    32. Dr Abdi Rahman Du’ale Bayle , Somali economist ,professor ,Politician and he is serving as the minister of Finance of federal government of Somalia.
    33. Farah Moalim Mohamed. He is the former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya.
    34. Adan Barre du’cale  he is the Majority Leader of National Assembly Kenya 2012-present )
    35. Ahmed Nasir Abdullahi:- Senior Counselor of The president of Kenya and the founder of RTN Television.
    36. Major General Mohamed Hussein Ali: – (Former Commissioner of Kenyan Police
    37. Abdurahman Omar Kinana:- Former of Minister of Defense and MP for Arusha for 10 years ) for Tanzania .
    38. Mustaf Cagjar :- President of DDSI
    39. Ahmed Shidde:-  (Minister of Finance of Federal Republic of Ethiopia  2019-Present )
    40. Mohamed Ahmed Nur Tarsan (Somali Politician also served mayor of Banadir region and serving the Somali ambassador to Kenya.)
    41. General Zakia Hussein Ahmed, she was appointed the new Director of Community Policing at the Somali Police Force. The first woman in many years to hold a senior position within the SPF.
    42. Eng. AbdiRahmah Osman Yarisow:- (Former Mayor of Banadir Region


    1. Ahmed Nur Jimcale ( Founder of  Barakat Group of Companies)
    2. Mohamed Saed Duale – entrepreneurphilanthropist, and the Founder  of  multinational enterprise Dahabshiil )
    3. Amina Moghe Hersi  – entrepreneur; Founder of Atiak Sugar Factory in KampalaUganda,
    4. Isma’il Ahmed :- Founder World Remit
    5. Abdi Nasir Ali Hassan :- Founder And CEO of Hass Petroleum,

    Social Activists

    1. Dr. Ahmed Abdullahi Wayeel :- was Founder of FPENs Umbrella  a Somali politician and a minister in the Transitional Federal Government.
    2. Dr Ali Sheikh Ahmed:- is the founder and president of Mogadishu University.
    3. Elman Ali Ahmed – entrepreneur and social activist
    4. Hawa Abdi Dhiblawe  is a Somali human rights activist and physician.
    5. Dr Mohamed Yusuf :- Director of  Medina Hospital
    6. Dr. Edna Adan Isma’il ( The founder of Edna Adan Maternity Hospital )
    7. Dr. Osman Mohammud Dufle is a MP of federal Republic of Somalia, he is the Founder of Dufle Specialist Hospital.
    8. Dr. Shaafici Dirir Farah :- Founder  and Director of Shafi Hospital
    9. Mohamed Abdullahi Barre:- Somali pilot who was the first to fly Somali Airlines
    10. Asli  Hassan Abade – first Somali female pilot
    11. Nuurto maxamed cadow:- Director of Orphanage College in Bondhere District
    12. Ilwad Elman Ali – is social activist at the Elman Peace Centre
    13. Abdi Nur Abdu Qadir  Mohamed  is the Founder of SomOption Academy
    14. Cabdulqaadir Cismaan Maxamuud Oromo:- Author
    15. Dr. Hussein Shiekh Ahmed Kadare :- was Somali writer, historian, educator and inventor.
    16. Yasin Osman Kenadid was a Somali intellectual, writer and linguist. He was an influential literary scholar, having written a seminal dictionary of the Somali language.
    17. Boobe Yuusuf Ducaale :- Author
    18. C/qaadir Nuur Faarax  (Maax) :- Author
    19. Abdi Bile Abdi :- is a former middle distance runner
    20. Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah ,MO FARAH, is Somali distance runner.

    Islamic Scholars

    1. Shiekh Abdi Rashid Shiekh Ali Suufi :- Islamic scholar
    2. Sheikh Hassan Barsane:- Islamic scholar
    3. Shiekh Omar Fa’ruuq :- Islamic scholar
    4. Shiekh Mustafa Isma’il Harun :- Islamic scholar
    5. Shiekh Mohamed Abdi Umal :- Islamic scholar

    Media and Journalists

    1. Ahmed Abubakar :- is the  Founder of Universal TV
    2. Farhan Haji Ali :- is the Founder of  HCTV
    3. Ali Eman Sharmaarke  was the Founder of  Horn Afrik Radio )
    4. Abdullahi Haji:-  Senior  Journalist ,Radio Presenter
    5. Axmed Xasan Cowke  Was  Senior Journalist ,News Presenter and Program Producer
    6. Yusuf Gaaraad Omar :- is Senior  journalist, diplomat and politician.
    7. Rageh Omaar– Is Senior International Journalist,
    8. Adan Sabriye :- Senior  Journalist and Program Producer
    9. Aamina Muse Wehliye  :- is Senior Journalist  and  Radio Presenter
    10. Cawil Dahir Salad :- was TV Presenter
    11. Ridwan Haji Cabdi wali :- is TV Presenter
    12. Abdi Latif Dahir  is international  Correspondent at New york Times
    13. Abdirizak Atosh:- Prominent  Journalist and Social Media Influencer
    14. Hodan Naaleeye :- Was the President of the Integration TV


    1. Abwaan Abdullahi Suldaan Timacade  – Prominent Somali Poet and Song Writter
    2. Abwaan maxamed cali kaariye:- Prominent Somali Poet and Song Writter
    3. Abwaan Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame Hadrawi :- He is considered by many to be the greatest living Somali poet,
    4. Abwaan Sahal Maxamad Ciise Prominent Somali Poet and Song Writter
    5. Abwaan Maxmuud Cabdilaahi Ciise(Sangub) Prominent Somali Poet and Song Writter
    6. Abwaan Hassan Dhuxul Laabsalax Somali Poet and Song Writter
    7. Barkhad Abdi  :-Actor
    8. Mohamed Suleiman Tubeec :- Was Singer, Song Writer and Record Producer
    9. Halimo Khaliif Magool :- Singer
    10. Hassan Adan Samatar :- Prominent Singer , Guitarist and Theoretical Performer
    11. Cumar Dhuule Cali :-     Prominent Somali Singer
    12. Da’ud Cali Masxaf:  Musician
    13. Keinan Abdi Warsame  :-Poet , Rapper. Singer , Song Writer and Instrumentalist .
    14. Awale Adan :-               Singer and Song Writer