The department of economics is one of the fastest growing departments under the school of business and economics of Somaville University . its inception  can be traces from 2nd April 2014 . it was conceptualized to address a market gap identified . It was to facilitate high level manpower training,   develop an evolving, strong and diversified academic programmes and specializations in basic, social and applied sciences. The departments focus is to address the market needs in producing professional economists, statisticians and financial advisors in different fields.  The graduate   shall be having a Comprehensive understanding of applied economic finance and statistics and shall be capable of modelling solutions to economic problems.

The Department of Economics operates under the School of Business and Economics of Somaville University. It runs four bachelors’ programmes namely: Bachelor of Science in Economics, Bachelor of science in Economics and Finance and Bachelor of science Economics and Statistics and Bachelor of Science in statistics and finance. the department has developed two diploma programmes i.e diploma in economics and diploma in financial economics to take care of lower-level students. these programmes are expected to be rolled out in January 2018.

The department enjoys the goodwill of the school as a growing department. There exists a functional governance structure. The department has a number of full-time employees, associate faculty, adjunct faculties and Administrative Assistants who are very competitive in terms of qualifications. The department has grown form only 06 students to over 800 students by 2017. Currently the Economics courses are offered in Main Campus and Nairobi Campus.