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Friday, July 19, 2024


    A devastating fire has engulfed Beledweyne’s Dervish Market in the Hiiraan Region.

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    On Sunday night, a major fire ripped through the Dervish market in Beledweyne, which is located in the Hiiraan area.

    The fire quickly overtook the market, inflicting considerable property destruction and leaving many low-income people distraught by their losses. Fortunately, there were no human casualties recorded during the event.

    Local officials verified that the fire spread quickly, making containment operations difficult. Regardless of the absence of institutional firefighting resources in Beledweyne, tenacious people and commercial entities banded together to fight the fire. Tankers provided by commercial firms and water collected from neighbouring settlements aided in putting out the fire.

    According to one local who actively engaged in the firefighting operations, the community’s ingenuity and tenacity may be shown in the following statement:

    “We did not receive any fire extinguishers; we extinguished the fire using commercial tankers and water taken from nearby villages.” We’ve been fighting the fire bravely since the morning.”

    Their valiant efforts were critical in averting deaths and maybe minimising the scope of the catastrophe.

    The origin of the fire that destroyed the Dervish market is still unknown, leading the local authority to start an extensive inquiry.

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