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Tuesday, February 27, 2024


    According to relief workers and Tigray forces, an airstrike in northern Ethiopia claimed more than 50 lives.

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    Tuesday’s airstrike on a school in northern Ethiopia’s Tigray region, which was housing people displaced by violence between the federal and regional governments, killed more than 50 people, according to two relief workers and Tigray troops.

    Adi Daero appears to have been the target of one of the bloodiest airstrikes during the conflict’s nearly two-year duration, which has resulted in thousands of deaths and millions of displaced people.

    Inquiries about the event were not immediately answered by the prime minister’s spokesperson Billene Seyoum, military spokesperson Colonel Getnet Adane, or government spokesperson Legesse Tulu of Ethiopia.

    After escaping to the nearby town of Shire, 25 kilometers (15 miles) away, strike survivors reported aid workers that at least 50 people had died and more than 70 had been injured.

    62 individuals had been slain, according to another humanitarian worker who had been informed of the death toll by colleagues. This individual was unaware of the total number of casualties.

    Because they were not authorized to speak to the media, the two humanitarian workers begged to remain anonymous.

    In a statement, the regional government of Tigray stated that the strike had resulted in 65 fatalities and 70 injuries.


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