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Thursday, September 28, 2023


    After losing in the Saudi League, Cristiano Ronaldo storms off and kicks a water bottle.

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    As his Al Nassr club fell 1-0 at Al Ittihad in the Saudi Premier league, Cristiano Ronaldo stormed out of the tunnel, kicking water bottles out of his way.

    Ronaldo, 38, failed to score in the defeat, his second straight game without doing so after Al Ittihad goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe blocked a hard attempt from the Portuguese international in stoppage time.

    Ten minutes before the end, the Brazilian goal scorer Romarinho gave Al Ittihad the victory, moving them ahead of Al Nassr to claim first place. Ronaldo was ridiculed often by Al Ittihad supporters, who kept screaming Lionel Messi’s name.

    Ronaldo removed his captain’s armband before leaving the field and appeared to throw it before regaining his composure. Ronaldo has eight goals in seven league games. Upon leaving, he gave the Al Nassr supporters a standing ovation.

    He wrote, “Disappointed with the outcome, but we stay focused on our season and the games ahead. “We appreciate your support, Al Nassr followers; we know we can rely on you!”

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