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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Dr Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed, MBChB,MD,MPH,FeSMA,FRSPH, FRSTMH Director General of Demartino Public Hospital.

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    Somali Magazine – Dr. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed is a Senior Managing Director and Executive Director with a specialization in innovative and resilient management. With 15 years of experience in leadership and management, he is a highly skilled public health expert and health systems specialist.

    Currently, Dr. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed serves as the Director General of Demartino Public Hospital at the Ministry of Health in Somalia. During his tenure, he has implemented standard protocols and improved patient outcomes, reducing mortality rates and improving patient satisfaction scores. He has also achieved financial sustainability by increasing revenue, reducing costs, and optimizing resource utilization. Additionally, he has focused on quality improvement through data analytics, adoption of best practices, and staff capacity development.

    As the National Incident Manager for COVID-19, Dr. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed effectively coordinated emergency responses and led the incident management team at national, state, and regional levels. He played a crucial role in pandemic preparedness, developing procedures and protocols for response and management. Dr. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed has also contributed to health system strengthening as a Senior Advisor and Team Leader at the Ministry of Health, where he provided guidance on leadership and management. He has led planning activities and implemented action plans for health system strengthening while also conducting comprehensive capacity-building activities.

    Prior to his current positions, Dr. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed served as the Director of Medical Services and Deputy Director General at the Ministry of Health in Somalia. In this role, he was responsible for coordinating health activities, conducting supervisions, and managing regional health authorities. He also carried out trainings for Ministry of Health staff, supervised medical and drug storages, and maintained data and health information management systems

    Dr. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed has made significant contributions in the healthcare sector through his leadership and management skills. He has played a crucial role in improving patient outcomes, responding to emergencies and outbreaks, and strengthening health systems in Somalia.

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