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Friday, July 19, 2024


    France says it is prepared to retaliate if military and diplomatic installations in Niger are targeted.

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    Somali Magazine 1 September 2023- The French military warned on Friday that it is prepared to respond if rising tensions in Niger target its military and diplomatic installations in the West African country.

    “The French army is ready to respond to any renewed tension that would target French military and diplomatic facilities in Niger,” said the French General Staff in a written statement to Anadolu.

    In the aftermath of Niger’s democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum’s resignation, the military administration’s Foreign Ministry this week told French Ambassador Sylvain Itte 48 hours to “leave Nigerien territory.”

    Ambassador Itte refused to comply and stayed in his job, which French President Emmanuel Macron praised.

    In a letter submitted to the French Foreign Ministry on Thursday, Niger’s military leadership demanded the expulsion of the French ambassador.

    Itte “no longer enjoys the privileges and immunities attached to his status as a member of the embassy’s diplomatic staff,” according to the military administration.

    On July 26, General Abdourahamane Tchiani, a former commander of the presidential guard, spearheaded a military operation that removed President Bazoum.

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