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Monday, July 15, 2024


    President Biden sends an Independence Day message to Somalia.

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    Mogadishu, Somali Magazine. President Joe Biden of the United States has sent a sincere tribute to Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and the Somali people on the 64th anniversary of their independence.

    In his statement, President Biden extended warm wishes from the American people while emphasizing the solid connection between the US and Somalia. He underscored both nations’ combined efforts to build a brighter future for their children and the world.

    “As critical partners, our nations are working together to build a better world for our children and children everywhere,” Biden, the president, added.

    “The United States stands with Somalia in its continued efforts to advance security, build inclusive economic growth, promote governance reform and human rights, and tackle climate shock and drought.”

    President Biden also hailed Somalia’s recent election to the UN Security Council as a tremendous achievement, showing the country’s development and the international community’s belief in its future.

    Looking ahead, President Biden highlighted his desire to expand the two countries’ relationship and the long-standing affinity between their people, especially as Somalia takes over security duties from the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia.

    Finally, President Biden wished Somalia a pleasant and peaceful Independence Day celebration.

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