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Monday, July 15, 2024


    President Mohamud reiterates his commitment to resolving differences with Somaliland.

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    President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud addressed during Somalia’s Flag Day ceremonies, reiterating his commitment to resolve problems with Somaliland.

    President Mohamud emphasised Somalia’s efforts towards being a stable and progressive developing country.

    He observed that there is still much more to be done to improve Somali unity and governance, and he challenged Somalis to commit to making the country a better place in the coming years.

    “The Somali people should think about one hundred years after independence, what kind of Somalia will we celebrate,” President Mohamud said. We want to create a beautiful and stable Somalia that will be enjoyed by people who will celebrate it.”

    In Somalia, June 26 is remembered as the day the country’s flag was hoisted in Hargeisa, Somaliland, ahead of Independence Day on July 1. However, there has been some confusion in the past because both Somalia and Somaliland have celebrated June 26 and July 1 as independence days.

    Somaliland, a British protectorate at the time, and Somalia, under Italian control, merged on July 1 through the Act of Union to become the Republic of Somalia. As a result, July 1 is observed as Independence Day.

    The words of President Mohamud come at a time when tensions between Somalia and Somaliland are high. Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991, but it has received no international recognition. Over the years, the two sides have held infrequent meetings, but no meaningful progress has been made towards settling their disputes.

    The President’s pledge to dialogue with Somaliland is a positive development that will hopefully lead to a peaceful resolution of the two sides’ long-standing conflict. If successful, such a resolution might add to the region’s stability and progress, which has long been plagued by violence and insecurity.

    Somalis can reflect on their past, present, and future as the country commemorates its Flag Day.

    President Mohamud’s vision of a beautiful and stable Somalia that future generations will cherish is one that all Somalis can share. Somalia can realise this aim and become a light of hope and growth in the region if efforts towards unification and governance are maintained.

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