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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    Severe Flooding Threatens Somalia as Heavy Rains Loom

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    Somalia’s Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA) has warned of the high risk of severe flooding affecting the whole country due to the heavy rains that are expected in the coming days.

    The Chairman of SoDMA, Mr. Mahmoud Macallim Cabdulle, held an urgent meeting with members of various sectors of the society, such as scholars, university associations, banks, business community and other officials, at the central office of SoDMA on Friday.

    He briefed them on the potential impacts of the rains, which are higher than the usual average, resulting in floods and El-Niño effects. He said that these could cause damage to infrastructure, crops, livestock, health and sanitation facilities, and displacement of people.

    The meeting discussed how to prepare for and respond to the possible disasters, and how to coordinate aid and information among different stakeholders. The participants agreed to raise awareness among the public about the dangers of the rains and the need for precautionary measures.

    The Chairman of SoDMA and the Committee also held a press conference and urged the Somali people to be vigilant and show a high level of preparedness for this very strong rain. They advised people to follow the instructions of the authorities and to avoid areas prone to flooding.

    The Chairman of SoDMA said that his agency was working closely with the federal and regional governments, as well as humanitarian partners, to monitor the situation and provide assistance to those affected by the floods and the rains.

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