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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    ISSUE#25 Somali Business and Health Expo 2023

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    Somali Business and Health Expo is a group of Somali Businessmen entrepreneurs who organize business events to enhance their members and promote their small businesses.


    Somali Business and Health Expo is Somali’s BIGGEST Business And Health Expo attracting thousands of Customers looking to buy products & services from vendors like you.

    • Reach Your Target Audience
    • Generate Quality Sales Leads
    • Connect with Clients and Business
    • Massive Brand Exposure



    our vision is to offer each and every customer the potential consumers for their products to maximize their dramatic change; Larger your business – we are committed to helping our customers grow their business and to maximize their return on investment.


    Aims of Somali Business and Health Expo

    It provides a room to survey the available opportunities and new market trends. It demonstrates the display of significant events of goods and services offering research, and guidance of products in the markets.

    Objectives of Somali Business and Health Expo

    To  promote  wellness,  lifestyles  and  healing  through  Somali’s  Business  and Medical system.

    One to one Business Meetings to increase the volume of Trade and Investment in Indigenous and the Africa’s Medicine sector.

    To create a platform for local and overseas medical organizations engaged in the healthcare system to interact for their mutual benefit.

    To promote medical tourism in Somalia as an industry

    To create awareness about the products services, facilities and expertise available in Somalia to treat ailments through the Somali’s Indigenous and Africa Medical systems

    To popularize Somali’s Indigenous Medicine and Africa Medicine practices among the local and international public

    To showcase to Sri Lankans, the technology available in other countries in the medical sector

    To educate the public on achieving wellness through nature friendly and Indigenous and Africa Medical treatment systems using both medical techniques

    The Benefits of Being A Part of Somali Business and health Expo,

    Participating in a business expo enables you to showcase your services and products to other people. In these events, you will be able to promote your small business developments.

    This event is an excellent way for you to highlight the changes that have occurred in your business and its benefits. You can also get feedback from others about what they think of your service or product.

    A Somali Business and Health Expo is also a good place for networking with potential clients or investors who are interested in purchasing your services or products. You can explain how these opportunities have helped your company grow and increase sales.

    4 Reasons Business Expo are Important for Your Business

    1. Brand Awareness
    2. Widen Your Network
    3. Talk to Your Target Market
    4. Perfect Platform for New products Promos and Campaigns

    What You Can Expect

    Somali  Business  and  Health  Expo  is  Somali’s  BIGGEST  business  and  health networking & event for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Customers Come join other passionate Atlanta Business Owners and learn how to increase revenue & grow your business

    Discover New Vendors

    Meet with Exhibitors that provide Innovative Products & Services to Help Build Your Business.

    Build Your Business Network

    Meet with other successful business Customers and get inspired.

    Get Dotted

    Easily Locate & Connect With Attendees In Different Industries Using Our Special Color-Code System Provided When You Check-In.

    Somali Business and Health Expo: Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit at Somali’s BIGGEST business-to-business trade show, conference & networking event of the year! Small Business Expo helps small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs like you take their business to the next level

    Packages Of The Expo

    Somali Magazine invites you to the inaugural Somali Business and Health Expo at Mogadishu’s Palace Hotel from July 4tn to 6th.

    Over 200 vendors will be showing off their products and services to thousands of customers, potential partners and investors. Join some of Somalia’s top corporations, most dynamic entrepreneurs and innovative startups — and a host of businesses from our East African neighbors, including Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

    African investors will be in attendance, With support from our publishing and distribution partners, we have spread our publicity far and wide. The response has been tremendous. Book your display area now while space is still available.

    Booths normally going at full rate are discounted now:

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