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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Somali Prime Minister calls for unity and support at Arab League Summit.

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    Manama, May 16, 2024. At the 33rd Arab League summit in Manama, Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre of the Federal Republic of Somalia made a moving speech addressing the numerous issues confronting Arab states and emphasizing the need for united efforts to overcome them.

    In a heartfelt plea, Prime Minister Barre repeated Somalia’s long-standing position on Palestine, expressing great grief over the ongoing war and urging an immediate end to bloodshed and adherence to United Nations General Assembly resolutions.

    Mr. Barre highlighted Somalia’s domestic successes, including advances in battling the Khawarij insurgency, modernizing security forces, and stabilizing the country amidst foreign challenges on its sovereignty, notably from Ethiopia. He accused Ethiopia of chronic intervention in Somali politics, which he saw as damaging not just Somalia but also Arab regional security, impacting important sites such as the Red Sea and the Bab-el-Mandeb strait.

    With a positive view, the Prime Minister told the assembly of Somalia’s untapped economic potential and abundant natural resources, encouraging Arab leaders to support the Somali government’s efforts through investment and assistance.

    The conference closed with a shared desire to promote Arab brotherhood and a pledge to aid Somalia on its path to peace and prosperity.

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