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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    Somalia bids farewell to the Chinese ambassador, expressing gratitude for strengthened ties.

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    MOGADISHU – The Chinese Embassy in Mogadishu held a beautiful farewell Iftar event to celebrate Ambassador Fei Shengchao’s stay, which has been significant in promoting the Sino-Somali connection. The Somali Prime Minister, distinguished members of Parliament, the Deputy Speaker, the Somali Police Chief, and dignitaries from foreign embassies and international organizations attended the high-profile event.

    The ceremony began with a documentary about China’s major humanitarian and development contributions to Somalia during Ambassador Fei’s 958-day tenure. The film highlighted China’s critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic, including support for Banadir and Medina hospitals, scholarships for Somali students, military assistance to improve the Somali Army’s efficiency, and extensive humanitarian aid provided during Somalia’s difficult times.

    In his valedictory speech, Ambassador Fei extended his deep gratitude to the audience and praised the Federal Government of Somalia for its enduring friendship and collaboration. He praised President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for his commitment to peace and the improvement of Somalia’s foreign ties, in keeping with his electoral pledge of “Somalia at peace and at peace with the world.”

    Ambassador Fei pondered on contemporary world issues and advocated for peace and prosperity. He highlighted the necessity of preserving Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, comparing it to that of China. He gladly acknowledged the strengthening of Sino-Somali relations, as seen by the formation of parliamentary friendship groups last year.
    In his final words, Ambassador Fei stated, “Though my time in Somalia has ended, my special relationship to its people continues. While some may view Somalia as a difficult post, I see it as a post of friendship.”

    The ceremony was closed by Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, who praised Ambassador Fei for his hard efforts to improve the lives of Somalis, noting that his efforts have brought the two countries closer. He expressed sincere gratitude and respect for the departed ambassador, signifying Somalia and China’s deep and enduring friendship.

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