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Friday, April 12, 2024


    Turkish Airlines is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

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    Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Turkey, marked its 90th anniversary with a fleet of 415 aircraft after being founded in 1933 with a five-plane fleet and 28 seats.

    The airline, which flew between Ankara, Istanbul, and Athens on its inaugural international trip in 1947, now has a staff of 82,000 and travels to 344 sites across 129 countries and five continents.

    As of 2033, the company expects to travel to 400 locations with a fleet of 800 planes and 150,000 employees.

    Turkish Airlines’ CEO, Ahmet Bolat, stated in a news statement on Saturday that the company is still on its 90-year journey.

    The carrier was named “Best Airline In Europe,” “Top-10 International Airline,” “Five Star Global Airline,” “Best Airline Of Eastern Europe,” and “Top-3 Global Airlines ” by international institutions.​​​​​​​

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