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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    ‘We are on the verge of achieving a truce agreement,’ said Hamas leader Haniyeh.

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    Somali Magazine – On Tuesday, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh stated that a truce accord with Israel is “close.”

    “The movement has submitted its response to the brothers in Qatar and the mediators, and we are approaching a truce agreement,” Haniyeh stated on Telegram, without elaborating.

    It is worth noting that on Monday evening, numerous relatives of Israeli hostages held by Hamas withdrew from a meeting with members of the Israeli administration.

    According to Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, “many relatives of Israelis held hostage by Hamas in Gaza withdrew from a meeting with members of the war government on Monday, expressing disappointment when told that the goals of freeing the hostages and overthrowing Hamas are equally important.”

    According to the most recent Palestinian authorities, at least 13,000 Palestinians have been dead, including over 9,000 women and children, and more than 30,000 others have been injured since Israel began bombing Gaza following a surprise Oct. 7 offensive by the Palestinian group Hamas.

    In Israel’s unrelenting air and military attacks on the besieged enclave, thousands of buildings, including hospitals, mosques, and churches, have been damaged or destroyed.

    An Israeli siege has also cut off Gaza’s access to fuel, electricity, and water, and has limited relief deliveries to a trickle.

    According to official numbers, the Israeli death toll is over 1200.

    Tel Aviv has so far ignored rising calls for a cease-fire unless Hamas releases its hostages.

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