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Sunday, October 1, 2023


    1,000 people detained in France after violent protests: Interior Minister

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    According to the interior minister, more than 1,000 protestors, with an average age of 17 years old, have been detained in France as a result of the violent demonstrations that began after a minor was killed by police.

    A projected fourth night of protests has prompted the deployment of 45,000 police personnel nationwide, according to Gerald Darmanin in an interview with the French television station TF1.

    He said that 197 demonstrators, including some as young as 13, were detained on Thursday amid statewide rallies.

    The interior minister stated that there would be armoured vehicles and helicopters to prevent further violent protests while noting that there will be more special police and gendarmerie personnel on duty.

    He admitted that there is reason for mourning in light of the passing of Nahel M, 17, but he stressed that this does not excuse what is taking place.

    Darmanin further emphasised that anyone who uses social media to cause violence would face legal action from the government.

    Darmanin reacted to the “war” comments made by two police unions, UNSA Police and Alliance Police, by saying, “These are not my statements.”

    In a statement on the demonstrations on Friday, the unions stated: “Today, Policeman are fighting because we are at war.”

    “Asking for calm isn’t an option against those savage hordes, it must be imposed,” it stated.

    According to a police source, fifteen persons were detained in Creteil, 11.7 kilometres (7.2 miles) from Paris, when protestors caused several damages and set fire to garbage cans.

    According to the Interior Ministry, 11 persons were detained in Strasbourg after the opera house was destroyed. After demonstrators attacked businesses, including the Apple store, all stores were shuttered.

    Meanwhile, members of the National Assembly’s left-wing coalition La France Insoumise (LFI) party requested the government to have a discussion on the riots on the assembly floor, recommending the execution of a “emergency plan” to address “police violence.”

    A 19-year-old man died Friday after falling from the roof of a store during protests in northern France, according to the France Bleu Normandie daily.

    Since a police officer shot and killed Nahel M. in the Paris district of Nanterre on June 27, France has experienced a surge of violent demonstrations.

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