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Thursday, June 8, 2023


    141 people have perished in the bridge collapse in India.

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    According to an official, 141 people have now died as a result of a suspension bridge that collapsed in Gujarat, a state in western India.

    Senior fire department employee in the Morbi district, Devendrasinh Jadeja, told Anadolu Agency that the rescue effort continued overnight and that as of Monday morning, 141 people had died.

    He stated, “The rescue effort is still ongoing.”

    According to officials, the tragedy happened on Sunday night in the Morbi neighbourhood when a bridge built in the British era fell just one week after renovation.

    According to Harsh Sanghavi, the home minister for Gujarat, 132 persons have already perished in the tragedy. He revealed that a high-level team of officials is looking into the situation during a press conference.

    On the bridge when it fell, there were about 500 people, according to local channel NDTV on Sunday evening.

    In a statement, the local authority claimed that the state government had increased relief efforts and that the Indian military was also helping out.

    On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed to have discussed the event with Gujarat’s chief minister as well.

    “He has asked for the swift deployment of personnel for rescue operations. He has requested that the situation be closely and consistently monitored and that those impacted receive all available assistance “Posted on Twitter by Modi’s office.

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