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Friday, April 12, 2024


    Traditional elders of Galmudug join forces with the government to combat Al-Shabaab and free the country: Somalia

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    Galmudug’s revered traditional elders voiced their unwavering support for the federal government’s quest to liberate the country from the grips of terrorists in a historic assembly on Sunday night.

    The gathering, held in Galmudug State’s administrative capital, provided an opportunity for President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to emphasise the critical role of traditional elders in counterterrorism policy.
    President Mohamud emphasised the traditional elders’ leadership and importance in mobilising communities, offering encouragement, direction, and steadfast support to the armed forces. The goal of this collaborative endeavour is to free the remaining territories controlled by al-Shabaab, an extremist organisation that has inflicted enormous misery and instability in Galmudug State.

    President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud notably underlined the major challenge given by the Khawarij, a phrase describing persons who depart from Islamic religious norms, during his address. He emphasised the elders’ role in unifying the public and supporting the National Army in eliminating the terrorists guilty for the wanton pouring of innocent blood.
    Concurrently, Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre made a historic speech, disclosing the start of the country’s anti-al Shabaab operation’s second phase. The operation, which aims to eradicate al-Shabaab’s presence, would initially focus on Galmudug and Hirshabelle States, with following operations planned for Jubbaland and the South West areas.

    Prime Minister Hamse also said that the government has methodically prepared roughly 10,000 soldiers who are committed to taking part in this second phase. These forces, equipped with zeal, are ready to battle and neutralise al-Shabaab’s presence, restoring peace and security to the afflicted areas.

    The federal government’s all-encompassing strategy, bolstered by coordination between traditional elders and the military forces, represents a huge step forward in Somalia’s battle against terrorism.

    The unflinching support and active participation of Galmudug’s traditional elders, as seen by their meeting with President Mohamud, indicate the nation’s unity and desire to confront the scourge of terrorism.

    The joint efforts of the federal government, traditional elders, and the military forces will serve as a beacon of hope as the anti-al Shabaab campaign proceeds, promising a brighter future for Somalia.

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