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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    In the Middle Shabelle region, an inter-clan revenge attack killed a Quran teacher and four students.

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    Somali Magazine October 22 2023- On Saturday night, a notable Quran teacher and four of his students were tragically killed in an inter-clan revenge attack in Haji Ali village, Adale district, Middle Shabelle region.

    Moalim Mukhtar Mohamud Mohamud Yusuf, Omar Ahmed Yusuf, Mukhtar Ahmadey Mohamud Mohamud, Mohamed Mohamud Ali Faradar, and Abukar Mohamed Mohamud Ali Faradar are the names of the five victims.

    According to eyewitnesses and villagers, the Quran teacher and his students were coming home after reciting the Quran for a sick person when they were ambushed on the road by militia members. However, over a dozen individuals have been killed in recent days in inter-clan warfare in the districts.

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