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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    Turkey sends a second cargo of humanitarian aid to Somalia.

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    Somali Magazine – Somalia received the second batch of humanitarian aid shipments from Turkey on Wednesday, which will be distributed to individuals affected by the country’s recent devastating floods caused by El Nino.

    The Turkish Red Crescent delivered humanitarian aid to Somalia’s National Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA).

    At a ceremony in Mogadishu, Turkish Deputy Ambassador to Somalia Ismail Emre handed off the shipment to the head of the Red Crescent Somalia office.

    The humanitarian food supply will assist Somalis affected by the recent flooding in the country.

    “This aid is aimed to be distributed to the needy facing difficulties across the country,” SoDMA Commissioner Mahamuud Moallim, who received the package, stated, thanking Türkiye for its assistance.

    The supplies is the Turkish Red Crescent’s second shipment to arrive in the Horn of Africa nation since flood relief began in mid-October of this year.

    Extreme floods produced by El Nino events wreaked havoc in Somalia, displacing over 750,000 people and harming over 2 million Somalis.

    More than 100 people have died as a result of the floods in the worst-affected districts, including Baidoa, the administrative capital of Somalia’s south-western state and one of the flood’s epicenters.

    Last month, the Somali government declared the floods a “national state of emergency.”

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