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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    Somalia has been awarded the Medal of Culture and the Art of the Horn of Africa. AWARD FOR ODA

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    Somali Magazine – Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Warfaa, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia, presented the ODA AWARD medal to Maki Haji Banadir, Deputy Director of the National Culture and Entertainment Agency, who was on a business trip to Ethiopia with the head of the Somali Ministry of Information’s art and cultural department.

    The ODA AWARD medal is granted to countries and international organizations in the Horn of Africa that have made great advances in the domains of culture, art, and literature.

    A major event in Addis Abeba officially announced the results that the Federal Republic of Somalia has officially won the ADO AWARD in 2023 and has reached this level due to the government’s efforts and the reconstruction of its cultural institutions, and it was also mentioned in the forum that the Government of Somalia entered an open competition for this medal and completely won against the countries of the Horn of Africa.

    Ambassador Warfaa, in partnership with the Federal Republic of Somalia’s Embassy in Ethiopia’s Office of Information, Culture, and Tourism Section, has worked hard to make the Republic of Somalia appear in the international arena to discuss or compete for key achievements at national levels.

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