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Thursday, May 30, 2024


    The Somali President condemns Ethiopia’s deal with Somaliland.

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    Somali Magazine – Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud attacked Ethiopia’s recent agreement with Somaliland in a furious speech to Parliament, saying it violated Somalia’s sovereignty and international law. He asked Somalis to unite against foreign interference and to safeguard their national unity.

    Ethiopia’s pact with Somaliland, which plans to create a port in Somali waters, was deemed “illegal and unenforceable” by the president. He stated that while Somalia and Ethiopia had been neighbors for generations, their relationship had been tarnished by conflict and tragedy.

    “We chose the path of peace and harmony with our neighbors after the Third Republic.” “We did not intend to divide the Ethiopian people, but what we are seeing from Ethiopia today is not what we expected,” he stated.

    The president also cautioned that Ethiopia’s actions could feed radicalism and extremism in society, and that the Khawarij might take advantage of the situation. He urged Somalis to band together in defense of their territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

    The president’s statement came just hours after Somalia summoned Ethiopia’s ambassador, Abdullahi Mohamed Warfaa, who is set to return to Mogadishu today. The move came after Somalia accused Ethiopia of violating its sovereignty and endangering the Horn of Africa region’s peace.

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