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Monday, June 24, 2024


    43,000 people dead as a result of armed conflicts in 2022: UN chief

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    The UN Secretary-General stated on Tuesday that an estimated 43,000 people perished as a consequence of armed conflicts in 2022, and he warned that violence is destroying lives all over the world.

    “Last year, 94 percent of their victims in populated areas were civilians,” Antonio Guterres remarked during a UN Security Council meeting on civilian protection in armed situations. “The total number of people displaced from their homes as a result of conflict, violence, human rights violations, and persecution has surpassed 100 million.”

    Conflicts, he claimed, were driving global food security.

    “Last year, more than 117 million people faced acute hunger, primarily because of war and insecurity,” Gutierrez said.

    “The terrible truth is that the world is failing to live up to its commitments to protect civilians; commitments that are enshrined in international humanitarian law,” he added.

    Gutierrez requested that individuals responsible for war crimes be brought accountable.

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