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Monday, July 22, 2024


    A gas station fire in the Lasanood area killed five people and wounded nine more.

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    Mogadishu (SOMALI MAGAZINE). On Wednesday, a fire destroyed a petrol station in the Sool district, killing at least five people.

    According to local media reports, the fire broke out at a service station in the village of Bali-Hadhac, Lasaanood district, killing five people and injuring nine others.

    According to SomNews TV, the victims included a pregnant woman and her two daughters. The catastrophe left the family with only one daughter and her father, who were not there at the time of the fire.

    The event has claimed five lives, with the injured sent to hospitals in Lasaanood, Widwidh, and other towns.

    The tragedy occurred when the mother and girls were shopping for Eid attire. Following the outbreak, Lasanood district officials called in firemen, medical supplies, and ambulances.

    The fire’s cause is unknown, although it apparently started in a market before spreading to the petrol station and surrounding places.

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