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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    A new Constitution is the key driver of our economy

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    Somalia stands at a critical juncture in its history, facing myriad challenges on its path to economic growth and stability. One of the foundational elements necessary to navigate this journey successfully is a new constitution.

    I believe that a modern, inclusive, and robust constitution tailored to Somalia’s unique context is essential for fostering economic growth and development.

    A new constitution can provide the legal framework necessary to promote and protect economic activities. Clear property rights, contract enforcement mechanisms, and regulatory frameworks are essential for attracting domestic and foreign investment. Investors need certainty and confidence that their investments will be secure and that they can operate within a predictable legal environment.

    Institutional Stability and Governance; a well-designed constitution can establish institutions that ensure stability, accountability, and transparency in governance. Strong institutions are vital for creating an enabling environment for economic growth by reducing corruption, promoting the rule of law, and safeguarding property rights. Effective governance mechanisms enhance investor confidence and encourage long-term investment in key sectors of the economy.

    Somalia is endowed with significant natural resources, including oil, gas, fisheries, and agricultural land. A new constitution can outline mechanisms for the sustainable management and equitable distribution of these resources. Clear guidelines for resource allocation, revenue sharing, and environmental protection can mitigate conflicts over resource extraction and foster inclusive economic development.

    A transparent and predictable legal framework provided by a new constitution can bolster investor confidence. Foreign investors, in particular, look for stability and consistency in legal and regulatory environments before committing capital to a country. A robust constitution that safeguards property rights and ensures the rule of law can attract much-needed foreign direct investment (FDI) to stimulate economic growth and create employment opportunities.

    Somalia’s diverse population, consisting of various ethnic, linguistic, and cultural groups, requires a constitution that guarantees inclusive development. A new constitution can incorporate provisions for equitable access to economic opportunities, social services, and political participation. Inclusivity in economic policies and decision-making processes can reduce social tensions, promote social cohesion, and contribute to sustainable economic growth.

    We should all embrace a new constitution that will prioritize infrastructure development as a critical component of economic growth. Investments in transportation, energy, telecommunications, and other infrastructure sectors can enhance connectivity, reduce transaction costs, and facilitate trade and commerce. By incorporating provisions for infrastructure development into the constitution, Somalia can lay the foundation for long-term economic prosperity.

    Somalia’s economic growth can be enhanced through regional integration initiatives. A new constitution can support regional cooperation agreements, trade liberalization, and infrastructure development projects with neighbouring countries. By fostering closer economic ties with regional partners, Somalia can access larger markets, diversify its export base, and attract investment in key sectors such as trade, transport, and energy.

    Ridwan Yusuf Mohamud
    Editor in Chief of Somali Magazine


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