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Friday, April 12, 2024


    According to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, G-20 leaders’reach consensus’ and adopt the New Delhi Declaration.

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    Somali Magazine September 09, 2023-According to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the G-20 conference on Saturday “reached consensus” and endorsed the New Delhi declaration.

    “I have received good news,” Modi stated before the afternoon session began. Our team’s hard work has resulted in agreement on the New Delhi G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration. “I propose that this leadership declaration be adopted.”

    He went on to say, “I announce that this declaration has been adopted.”
    The meeting’s declaration, which was not attended by the Chinese or Russian presidents, has not yet been made public. However, the leaders of the Group of 20 nations are claimed to have adopted compromise language on Russia’s attack on Ukraine, overcoming disagreements that may have wrecked prospects of a joint communique.

    Meanwhile, Amitabh Kant, India’s G-20 sherpa or negotiator, described the declaration as “historical and path-breaking,” with “100% consensus on all developmental and geopolitical issues.”

    “The new geopolitical paras are a powerful call for Planet, People, Peace, and Prosperity in today’s world,” Kant said, adding that the statement emphasises “strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth” in addition to “reinvigorating multilateralism.”

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