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Saturday, December 3, 2022


    After being appointed State House spokesperson, Hussein Mohamed speaks out

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    Hussein Mohamed, a former Citizen TV news anchor, has expressed his gratitude to President William Ruto for appointing him as State House Spokesperson.

    Hussein promised to collaborate with the head of state to help him realise his goals for the nation on Twitter on Saturday.

    Dear Mr. President, The honour you have given me to serve as State House Spokesperson makes me grateful and humbled. I promise to work nonstop to help you carry out THE PLAN so that our nation can succeed. Thank you patriots for your congratulations,” Hussein wrote.
    President Ruto appointed 10 new State House officials on Friday, including Hussein. The others included:

    1. Mr. Felix Koskei – Chief of Staff and Head of the Public Service

    2. Mr. Josephat Nanok – Deputy Chief of Staff
    3. Dr. David K. Ndii – Chairperson, President’s Council of Economic Advisors

    4. Dr. Augustine Cheruiyot – Senior Advisor & Head of Economic Transformation Secretariat

    5. Dr. Kamau Thugge – Senior Advisor and Head of Fiscal Affairs & Budget Policy

    6. Mr. Mohammed Hassan – Member, President’s Council of Economic Advisors

    7. Dr. Nancy Laibuni – Associate Member, President’s Council of Economic Advisors

    8. Katoo Ole Metito –  State House Comptroller

    9. Mr. David Mugonyi – Head of the Presidential Communication Service

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