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Monday, March 20, 2023


    After winning a by-election, Mukhtar Mursal takes up his father’s position in Parliament.

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    Mukhtar Mohamed Mursal was elected as an MP in Baidoa in a by-election for HOP176. This by-election was held to replace the vacancy left by his father, Mohamed Mursal Mohamud, who died about six months ago. The election was place on Sunday, and Mukhtar Mursal was unanimously elected. He will now represent the South West State Rahanweyn-Mirifle clan.

    Lower House elections in Somalia are frequently predictable, and this one was no different. Mukhtar Mursal’s only competitor, Khadija Samow Abdi, withdrew from the contest, allowing him to win unopposed.

    In the by-election, 101 delegates voted.

    Following the untimely death of Mohamed Mursal Mohamud on September 20, a by-election was held. Mohamud was initially elected to parliament in 2018, and he was re-elected in January 2022.

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