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Friday, December 1, 2023


    Agreement to upgrade Port of Bosaso was signed by DP World and the government of Puntland.

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    Northeastern Somalia’s Puntland region’s Port of Bosaso will soon begin a 12-month building project. This week, an agreement for port development and improvement work was inked in Dubai by DP World and the government of Puntland.

    The project, which is anticipated to begin in early 2023, will also involve making repairs to the existing 215-meter quay and developing a 150-meter quay. It will involve the construction of a new 4,000 square meter container stripping yard and a new 3,000 square meter container yard. To enhance access control, the port’s gate area will also be improved.

    When finished, the port will be able to accommodate container ships and draw more direct calls from feeder ships departing from Dubai and other regional hubs. It is also anticipated to develop into a significant dhow transportation hub serving the Somali coast.

    According to Ahmed Yaasiin Saalah, Puntland’s Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport, “the expansion and modernization of the Port of Bosaso is key to Puntland’s economic growth, which will benefit not only the people of the state but also Somalia and the Horn of Africa.” “It will ensure that the region is increasingly connected into the global trade ecosystem, as increased trade will be made possible by a bigger, more effective port with the capacity to accommodate container vessels.”

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