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Friday, December 9, 2022


    Al-deadly Shabaab’s hotel siege will be investigated, according to Somalia PM Barre.

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    Somali Magazine -The al-Shabaab terrorists who held a Mogadishu hotel under siege killed several people, according to Somalia’s prime minister, who called them “children of hell.” He claimed the government would be held accountable.

    The Somali pm  has also urged Somalians to band together in the fight against the al-Qaeda-affiliated gang that has been waging a violent insurgency there for more than 15 years.

    No one in the administration would be exempt from accountability, Barre told reporters late on Sunday. “There will be accountability in the government, and no one in the government will escape blame.

    He had just returned from a hospital where the injured victims of the bombing and shooting at the Hayat Hotel—which, according to the health ministry, left 21 people dead—were being treated.

    Since the country’s new president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, was chosen in May following a protracted political crisis, the 30-hour siege has been Somalia’s bloodiest assault.

    “We have only one of two options here: either we live or we enable al-Shabaab, the demons’ children, to live. We cannot coexist, declared Barre, who became prime minister in June.

    “I urge the Somali people to band together to fight the enemy and to liberate themselves so that what they did now won’t happen again.

    He continued, without going into further detail, “The combat against them is already started taking place throughout many locations.”

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