Monday, June 27, 2022

    Al Shabaab suffered numerous casualties in a failed raid in central Somalia, according to the Somali president.

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    The inhabitants of Bahdo town in the Galgadud area were praised by Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for their gallant defense against Al-Shabaab militants who stormed the city on Friday morning.

    The significant deaths inflicted on Al-Shabaab militants by inhabitants of Ba’do and the Somali National Army, according to President Mohamud, demonstrate the Somali people’s determination to fight Al-difficulties. Shabaab’s

    He went on to say that Al-Shabaab fighters who stormed the town sustained a lot of losses, but he didn’t say how many. During the ferocious pre-dawn combat, however, the hardline insurgent organization confessed that nine members were killed in the attack and claimed that it killed 27 Somali soldiers.

    “The people of Bahdo have taught the terrorists a valuable lesson. You’ve conveyed a message of bravery, implying that the group is nearing its end “In a statement, the President added.

    According to a local authority, 70 Al Shabaab fighters were killed by armed locals and local security personnel in Somalia’s Galmudug state after they repelled a militant invasion. Somalia’s national television shared photographs of at least 20 dead dressed in military fatigues on Twitter, claiming they were among the assailants killed.

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