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Tuesday, December 5, 2023


    Ali Jeyte, a dismissal opponent, proclaimed an independent administration.

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    Ali Jeyte, who recently conducted a news conference in Beledweyn town, refused to comply with the firing, claiming that Hirshabelle lacked the authority to take the action she did.

    Ali Jeyte stated that the Hirshabeelle administration has departed the Hiran region as of today, but he has called for a large assembly to establish an administration that he has designated in Hiran state.

    “Hiraan does not recognise Hirshabelle,” he declared, establishing the formation of Hiran State.

    However, Jeyte’s attitude is complicating matters in the Hiraan region, since Ali Guudlawe has taken the step of separating from his deputy, Yusuf Dabaged, who has the same poor esteem for the community as the man who was dismissed from office.
    Ali Jeyte, the former governor of Somalia’s Hiran area, has refused to accept his expulsion by the Hirshabelle administration. Jeyte held a press conference in Beledweyn town, claiming that Hirshabelle lacked the authority to dismiss him from his position.

    Jeyte then declared that the Hirshabelle administration had abandoned the Hiran region, and he called for a large gathering to establish an administration he dubbed the Hiran State. Hiraan, he said, does not recognise Hirshabelle, and he declared his own authority for the territory.

    However, Jeyte’s position has exacerbated the situation in the Hiran region. Ali Guudlawe has taken attempts to distance himself from his deputy, Yusuf Dabaged, who shares Jeyte’s contempt for the community. This has added to the region’s instability because it is unclear who has the right to govern.

    The Hirshabelle administration responded to Jeyte’s unwillingness to comply with his removal by asserting that they have the authority to do so. They have also expressed concern about the construction of a separate administration in the Hiran region, which they believe will lead to more strife and separation in the region.

    The situation in the Hiran region reflects Somalia’s persistent political issues. For decades, the country has been plagued by conflict and instability, and recent developments in the Hiran region serve as a reminder of the country’s political fragility. It remains to be seen how the situation develops and whether a peaceful conclusion is possible.

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