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Thursday, March 30, 2023


    Apple is hosting an event March 8. Will it unveil a new budget iPhone?

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    Mark your calendars, Apple fans.

    On Wednesday, the tech giant confirmed it will host an online event March 8, where it is expected the company will unveil a new budget iPhone and iPad Air.

    According to a media invitation sent to USA TODAY, the event includes the phrase “Peek performance.” The event will be broadcast on Apple’s website March 8 at 1 p.m. ET.

    It has been widely reported Apple will likely unveil a new model of the iPhone SE, its budget-friendly smartphone. According to Bloomberg, Apple will not only reveal a new SE but an updated iPad Air.

    Bloomberg also reports  Apple could unveil a new model during the event.

    At Apple’s last tech event in September,  the company introduced the iPhone 13, which features improvements to cameras and performance.

    Despite supply shortages, Apple turned in another set of blockbuster quarterly results,  reporting iPhone sales of $71.6 billion.

    iPhone rival: Samsung Galaxy S22 available

    Details of the Apple event follow a big month for electronics giant Samsung,  which launched the Galaxy S22, considered the top rival to the iPhone.

    The Galaxy S22 is available in three types: the standard model, the S22+, which boasts a larger screen, and the S22 Ultra.

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