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Monday, May 27, 2024


    Argentina remains ranked first in the latest FIFA Men’s World Ranking.

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    Somali Magazine September 21,2023-Argentina, the 2022 World Cup winner, maintained its lead in the current FIFA Men’s World Ranking, which was revealed on Thursday.

    “Argentina (1st) tightens their grip on the summit of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking following a 1-0 victory over Ecuador and a 3-0 away victory against Bolivia in their opening CONMEBOL FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifiers,” FIFA stated in a statement.

    France maintained its second-place ranking despite a 2-1 friendly loss to Germany. Brazil (3rd), England (4th), and Belgium (5th) all maintained their positions in the top five.

    However, GuineaBissau and Aruba both made significant gains, rising six places to 106 and 193, respectively.

    The Turkish national team fell one rung to 42 with 1,475 points.

    The next FIFA World Ranking is due out on Oct. 26.

    FIFA Ranking

    Ranking Team Points Change
    1 Argentina 1,851
    2 France 1,840
    3 Brazil 1,837
    4 England 1,794
    5 Belgium 1,792
    6 Croatia 1,747
    7 Netherlands 1,743
    8 Portugal 1,728 +1
    9 Italy 1,727 -1
    10 Spain 1,710
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