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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    At a high-level meeting, the Minister of Health delivers a speech.

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    Somali Magazine Sep 24,2023-Dr. Ali Haji Aden, the Federal Government of Somalia’s Minister of Health and Social Welfare, presented a speech on the fringes of the 78th United Nations General Assembly on the fight against tuberculosis (TB), which was held in New York City.

    The event, which was attended by international health ministers, focused on ways to combat tuberculosis, a disease that many countries around the world are dealing with.

    The Minister of Health stated that tuberculosis (TB) is a global health problem that affects individuals and communities all over the world, and that TB is a major challenge to the health and development of nations all over the world, and he requested special attention, commitments, and strategic actions to combat TB.

    The Minister also stated that tuberculosis is an issue and a major burden on our communities, and that the incidence of tuberculosis in Somalia reflects the large international gap in access to health care.

    The Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has expanded TB screening and treatment as part of the expansion of the EPHS coverage service, and the Ministry intends to gradually expand and improve the provision of services to combat TB so that our society can have quality health.

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