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Sunday, April 21, 2024


    At a town hall meeting, President Mohamud praised the Somali army.

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    Somali Magazine On Wednesday night, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud attended a town hall meeting hosted by the Minbar Space Initiative, where he fielded questions from the public about the Federal Government of Somalia’s accomplishments in 2023.

    The town hall gathering, which was streamed live on social media, addressed issues such as security, economic recovery, constitutional reform, regional cooperation, and impending elections.

    One of the meeting’s highlights was when the president reaffirmed his “full confidence” in the Somali National Army (SNA) for his protection, declaring himself “lucky” to be the first president to be solely protected by them following the country’s “destruction” by civil war and terrorism.

    “I am proud of our valiant soldiers who have given their lives and limbs to defend our country and people.” In the face of numerous challenges and threats, they have demonstrated professionalism, discipline, and loyalty. “They have earned our respect and gratitude,” remarked the president.

    The president also acknowledged that the salaries of the military will be reviewed, and that a raise is critical for the Somali government. He stated that the government is committed to enhancing the military forces’ living circumstances and welfare, as well as providing them with adequate training and equipment.

    The president also thanked international allies for their assistance in combating the extremist group, including current ATMIS and AMISOM.

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