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Sunday, October 1, 2023


    At least 36 people are killed in a railway collision in northern Greece.

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    An official announced on Wednesday that the death toll from a collision between a passenger train and a cargo train in northern Greece has grown to 36.

    According to Vassilis Vathrakogiannis, a fire service spokesperson, at least 130 persons were also hurt, according to a briefing televised on national television ERT.

    According to Vathrakogiannis, 66 of the injured are being treated in various surrounding hospitals.

    The passenger train was carrying 346 people and was traveling from Athens to Thessaloniki when it collided with another train in the northern Larissa provincial town of Tempi.

    Many carriages reportedly came off the rails, with at least three catching fire.

    A total of 30 ambulances were sent to the scene.

    According to Vathrakogiannis, firefighters operating on certain wagons use four special crane vehicles.

    Meanwhile, Greek police and medical examiners have begun the process of identifying bodies at Larissa General Hospital.

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