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Monday, June 24, 2024


    Autumn Rains Cause Flooding and Displacement in Gedo and Bay Regions

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    – Autumn rains have intensified in numerous locations of the Gedo and Bay regions over the last 24 hours, worsening the situation. Overflowing rivers and rising floodwaters have been familiar sights, displacing hundreds of people from their homes and trapping others in various impacted areas.

    Mohamed Wali Yusuf Korah, District Commissioner of Bardhere, has spoken out about the devastation caused by repeated fall rains in Gedo and other territories. The constant rain has caused flooding, resulting in deaths and major property damage, as well as the displacement of many families.

    He urged the government and the Jubaland administration to provide prompt aid to the affected households.


    “The devastating floods have affected all neighbourhoods within the Bardhere district, resulting in mass displacement from the Gedo region.” “Our request is for immediate assistance,” he stated.

    The effects of this persistent rain have spread beyond Gedo, afflicting other regions as well.

    Severe floods in Baidoa have caused considerable devastation, rendering many neighbourhoods inaccessible and forcing families to flee.

    In reaction to the unfolding catastrophe, Senator Adam Abdinasir, who represents South West State in the Upper House, has called on the Federal Government and foreign organisations to provide immediate help to the affected people. The situation remains serious, necessitating rapid involvement to assist these rain-soaked regions in rebuilding and recovering.

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