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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Biden will visit Poland before the one-year mark of the Ukraine war, according to the White House.

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    The White House said Friday that US President Joe Biden will travel to Poland to commemorate the one-year mark of the Ukraine war.

    “He will meet with President Andrzej Duda of Poland to discuss our bilateral cooperation as well as our combined efforts to support Ukraine and strengthen NATO’s deterrence,” said spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre of the Feb. 20-22 trip. “He will also meet with the leaders of the Bucharest Nine (B9), a group of our NATO Allies on our eastern border, to reaffirm the United States’ unflinching support for the Alliance’s security.”

    Biden will speak about the war and efforts the US is undertaking to mobilize worldwide support for Ukraine and its people during his visit, according to the statement.

    According to UN data, more than 11 months have elapsed since Russia proclaimed a “special military operation” in Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of at least 7,155 people and 11,662 injured.

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