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Friday, April 12, 2024


    Bluecom Ltd.’s Effort to improve the Internet access in Somlia and it’s impact on social connectivity in the country

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    Somalia is a fast-growing country and one of the top countries in Africa that has invested in technology, especially in the telecommunications sector. In the past, the country suffered from fiber outages and a lack of internet access, which impacted businesses and all international organizations and caused disruptions in operations as the international organizations experienced delays in decision- making and potential security risks. Based on that, Bluecom Ltd. management has tightened the belt to establish the ISP company in 2021 to operate as the sole distributor of the second submarine Internet cable, “Dare 1,” from Djibouti all the way to Somalia, as well as from Kenya to Mogadishu, in order to improve the internet provision in Somalia. This has greatly improved internet access in the country, as it has increased the capacity of the internet infrastructure and reduced the cost of internet services. The “Dare 1” cable has also connected Somalia to other countries in the region.

    Bluecom Ltd. has deployed more than 100 kilometers of fiber infrastructure in Mogadishu and most of the most populated regions, such as Somaliland, Puntland, Jubaland, the South West, and Hirshabelle. This has enabled the company to provide high-speed and reliable internet services to the city’s residents and businesses. The fiber infrastructure is a significant improvement over the previous infrastructure, which was prone to signal degradation and outages. The deployment of fiber infrastructure has greatly improved the quality of internet services in the country and has had a positive impact on businesses and international organizations operating in Somalia.

    Bluecom Ltd. has implemented IPTV, FTTH (Fiber to the Home), and FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) infrastructure, which can be easily accessed. This technology has allowed the company to provide high- speed internet services to International organizations, businesses, and households. This has been particularly beneficial for the Somali population, as it has greatly improved internet access in the country and made it easier for people to access internet services.

    Finally, Bluecom Ltd. is offering a wide range of fiber internet packages for small and medium businesses, households, and corporations. The company’s pricing strategy is competitive, and the packages are tailored to meet the needs of different types of users based on their purchasing power. This has made internet services more affordable and accessible to a wider population.

    In conclusion, Bluecom Ltd.’s impact on internet access in Somalia goes beyond the deployment of modern infrastructure and the provision of affordable internet services. The company’s efforts to extend internet services to the country have had a significant impact on education, healthcare, and economic development. As Bluecom Ltd. continues to expand its services, it is likely to play an even more significant role in the development of the country’s telecommunications industry and the growth of its economy.

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