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Thursday, April 11, 2024


    Breaking News: Abdullahi Sanbalolshe Appointed Director of Somalia’s Intelligence Agency NISA

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    SOMALI MAGAZINE– In a dramatic shakeup at the top of Somalia’s intelligence establishment, MP Abdullahi Mohamed Ali, or “Sanbaloshe,” has been named the new Director of the Somali National Security Agency (NISA).

    The appointment followed the departure of the former director, Mahad Salad Mohamed, who was appointed by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud only days after being elected in May 2022. Mahad was regarded as one of the president’s closest political friends.

    The Council of Ministers accepted Sanbaloshe’s nomination today, based on a recommendation from the Ministry of Internal Security. According to a statement released by Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre’s office, Sanbaloshe has vast expertise, having previously served as Minister, Member of Parliament, Ambassador, and Director of NISA on two occasions.

    “Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Ali has knowledge and experience in national intelligence and security activities, having previously held various positions including Minister, MP, Ambassador and Director of NISA for the third time,” the statement went on to say.

    The cabinet thanked departing director Mahad Mohamed Salad for his work while managing the critical intelligence agency.

    Sanbaloshe is now a Member of Parliament for Somalia’s federal government. His nomination marks a dramatic transition in leadership at one of Somalia’s most powerful national security agencies.

    The shakeup comes at a critical time for the country, which is still dealing with the danger posed by al-Shabab insurgents and working to stabilize the security situation in its various areas. All eyes will be on the new NISA chief’s capacity to properly direct the agency’s intelligence work.

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