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Thursday, February 2, 2023


    Business Showcasing (4th Company) IFIYE ELECTRIC COMPANY

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    From humble beginnings in 2011, Ifiye Electric was able to leverage the experience gained during our early heavy industrial days. With a combination of astute electrical problem-solving skills, a passion for customer service, and a can-do attitude, Ifiye Electric quickly found a way to deliver successful electrical outcomes for residential and domestic customers throughout Bunbury. During the early years and with organic growth, business reputation spread throughout the wider southwest regions and new services such as voice & data communications were introduced to deal with the ever-increasing demand. Today, underpinned by the original five core company values of Safety, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, and Innovation Ifiye Electric Group now employs 8 Branches, 7 in Mogadishu and one in Kismayo staff across its Services & Projects business units. As we did from week one, we continue to provide cutting-edge electrical solutions to customers and major clients in Mogadishu Somalia.

    IFIYE Electric Company Management Team is committed to ensuring that our operations are conducted with zero harm to all people and the environment and the quality of our products and services are upheld and consistently maintained.

    We empower our people to Intervene when they witness any ‘at-risk behavior, Lead by example Identify and manage hazards associated with the activities for which they are responsible,  Courageously and honestly report all accidents and hazards  and Take the time to do things right; do the job safely or not at all – do not cut corners

    The CEO of Ifiye Electric Company Ahmed Hassan Muhamed said” The reason we’ve  established is we have seen a major gap in our community and lack of electricity equipment’s and the reason our customer like to buy our good products is we have the best quality Electricity in Somalia”


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