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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Celebrating Excellence: Somali Business Awards 2023 Honors Outstanding Achievements

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    On the 10th of October, the Somali Business Awards 2023 marked a significant milestone by celebrating the most remarkable accomplishments of businesses and organizations in the nation for the third consecutive year. This prestigious event, a testament to the resilience and innovation of the Somali business community, recognized and applauded the dedication, commitment, and impact of companies in various sectors.

    CEO and Founder of the Somali Business Awards, Mr. Ridwan Yusuf,

    In a grand and momentous evening, the CEO and Founder of the Somali Business Awards, Mr. Ridwan Yusuf, took center stage to inaugurate the prestigious event. With an air of anticipation and excitement, Mr. Ridwan Yusuf began by expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed guests who graced the occasion. Among these notable figures were high-level dignitaries, including

    The Deputy Minister of Commerce, HE. Osman Daalo,

    The Deputy Minister of Commerce, HE. Osman Daalo, commended the event for its role in promoting excellence and innovation in Somalia’s business community. He emphasized the pivotal role of businesses in driving economic growth and stability in the nation and expressed his appreciation for the hard work and dedication showcased by the award recipients.

    the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, H.E Dr. Mohamed Amin Buule

    H.E Dr. Mohamed Amin Buule, the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, stressed the importance of healthcare and well-being in a thriving society. He acknowledged the tremendous efforts of the healthcare sector in Somalia and celebrated the winner in the healthcare category.

    the Minister of Youth and Sports, HE. Mohamed Barre,

    Furthermore, HE. Mohamed Barre, the Minister of Youth and Sports, highlighted the youth’s potential and the role they play in shaping the future of Somalia. He recognized the winners and encouraged them to continue their journey of excellence, serving as role models for the younger generation.

    Senator  Hon. Dr. Dufle, the Deputy President of the Somali Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Galaambi, and many other distinguished guests. Their presence at the awards ceremony was a testament to the significance of the event and the commitment to recognizing and celebrating excellence within Somalia’s business community.

    Among the highly anticipated moments of the night, here are the distinguished winners across different categories:

    1. The Best Bank of the Year 2023: PREMIER BANK

    Premier Bank continues to set the gold standard in financial services, providing unwavering support to the Somali economy.

    1. The Best Telecommunication Company 2023: SOMTEL SOMALIA

    Somtel Somalia has demonstrated exceptional service in connecting people and businesses across the nation.

    1. The Best Construction Company of the Year 2023: DOCOL CONSTRUCTION

    Docol Construction has proven its excellence in shaping the infrastructure landscape of Somalia.

    1. The Best Supermarket of the Year 2023: HAYAT MARKET

    Hayat Market is the go-to destination for quality products and a delightful shopping experience.

    1. The Best General Trading Company of the Year 2023: SHAKIR GENERAL TRADING

    Shakir General Trading’s dedication to excellence continues to make a significant impact on the trade sector.

    1. The Best Hotel of the Year 2023: JOWHARA INTERNATIONAL HOTEL

    Jowhara International Hotel has set new standards for luxury and hospitality in Somalia.

    1. The Best Internet Service Provider of the Year: BLUECOM SOMALIA

    Bluecom Somalia continues to lead the way in ensuring connectivity across the nation.

    1. The Best Mobile Money App of the Year 2023: PREMIER WALLET

    Premier Wallet has revolutionized digital finance, making transactions more convenient and accessible.

    1. The Best Foam Factory of the Year 2023: SHAKIR FOAM FACTORY

    Shakir Foam Factory is the epitome of quality and innovation in foam production.

    1. Business of the Year 2023: ALKOWTHAR GENERAL TRADING COMPANY

    Alkowthar General Trading Company’s all-around excellence and commitment to growth are truly commendable.

    1. The Best Radio of the Year 2023: KNN RADIOQ

    KNN Radio has truly captured the hearts and minds of its listeners, providing top-notch broadcasting and entertainment.

    1. The Best Cleaning Company of the Year 2023: DEEGAAN DHWOR CLEANING

    Deegaan Dhwor Cleaning has set new standards in the field, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic Somalia.

    1. The Best Security Service Provider of the Year: SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (STS)

    STS has demonstrated unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of individuals and businesses.

    1. The Best Airline of the Year 2023: STARSKY AVIATION LTD

      Starsky Aviation Ltd continues to soar to new heights, delivering unparalleled aviation services.

    1. The Best Electric Company of the Year 2023: IFIY ELECTRIC

    Ifiy Electric stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the electrical sector.

    1. The Best E-commerce of the Year: SOOMAR ONLINE

    Soomar Online has transformed the e-commerce landscape, making online shopping convenient and accessible.

    1. The Best Travel and Tourism Agency of the Year: TASNIIM TRAVEL EXPRESS

    Tasniim Travel Express has taken travelers on unforgettable journeys, promoting the beauty of Somalia to the world.

    1. The Best Electronics Company of the Year 2023: NATIONAL ELECTRONICS

    National Electronics has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology to Somali consumers.

    1. The Best Agro Business of the Year: GAALOOJE AGRO BUSINESS ENTERPRISE

    Gaaloje Agro Business Enterprise has played a vital role in strengthening Somalia’s agricultural sector.

    1. The Best Microfinance Company of the Year: MAAL MICROFINANCE

    Maal Microfinance has empowered individuals and small businesses with financial solutions.

    1. The Best Travel Consolidator Company of the Year: FLYME24/7;

    Flyme24/7 has streamlined travel services, making journeys smoother and more accessible.

    1. The Best Solar Energy Company of the Year 2023: TAMARSO

    Tamarso has harnessed the power of the sun to provide sustainable energy solutions.

    1. The Best Hospital of the Year 2023: SOMALI SUDANESE HOSPITAL

    Somali Sudanese Hospital continues to excel in providing top-tier healthcare services to the community.

    1. The Best Diagnostic Center of the Year: SAHAN Diagnostic CENTER

    Sahan Diagnosis Center has been a pillar of health diagnostics, ensuring accurate assessments and care.

    1. The Best Innovation Award of the Year: OBECITY CENTER

    Obecity Center has demonstrated exceptional creativity and groundbreaking innovations.

    1. The Best Fertility Center of the Year: MARWA FERTILITY CENTER

    Marwa Fertility Center has been a beacon of hope for couples, offering advanced fertility solutions.

    1. The Best Polyclinic and Pharmacy of the Year: GACAL POLYCLINIC

    Gacal Polyclinic has provided comprehensive healthcare services and pharmaceutical solutions.

    1. The Best Medical Supply and Healthcare Solutions of the Year 2023: LIFE HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS

    Life Healthcare Solutions has been at the forefront of delivering essential healthcare resources and solutions.

    These deserving winners reflect the dynamism and diversity of Somalia’s business landscape, embodying the spirit of innovation, excellence, and dedication that drives the nation forward. The Somali Business Awards 2023 served as a platform for recognizing and celebrating their remarkable achievements, providing inspiration for future endeavors in the thriving Somali business community.

    The Somali Business Awards 2023 was an evening of grandeur and celebration, acknowledging the outstanding contributions and remarkable achievements of businesses and organizations across a wide array of sectors. This annual event has become a significant platform for honoring excellence and innovation in the Somali business landscape. Let’s shine a spotlight on the notable winners in the remaining categories:

    These winners, along with the others in their respective categories, embody the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication that continue to drive Somalia’s business community forward. The Somali Business Awards 2023 was a true celebration of the nation’s success stories, emphasizing the potential for innovation and growth in various sectors. As we look ahead, these remarkable businesses and organizations serve as a beacon of inspiration for a brighter future in Somalia’s business landscape.


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