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Tuesday, February 27, 2024


    Chelsea Football Club hosts the first-ever Open Iftar.

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    Chelsea conducted their first-ever Open Iftar, a communal gathering during Ramadan in the United Kingdom, at their home stadium Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

    Hundreds of people gathered in West London for iftar, or the breaking of the fast. Chelsea Foundation, the club’s humanitarian arm, and Ramadan Tent Project, an award-winning organization formed in 2013, collaborated on the event.

    The evening began with brief statements by club officials and prayers by Imam Safwaan Hussein of Battersea Mosque.

    The Chelsea Foundation’s Simon Taylor, Lord Daniel Finkelstein, Islamic Relief’s UK Director Tufail Hussain, and Dowshan Humzah, an advisory board member of the Ramadan Tent Project, were among those in attendance.

    Paul Canoville, the first Black player to play for Chelsea, was also present.

    Omar Salha, the creator of Ramadan Tent Project, told Anadolu that their goal is to bring people together and educate them about the holy month.

    “Football brings people together, but Ramadan brings people together, and Open Iftar brings strangers together,” he added, adding that such gatherings bring people of all ages and beliefs together.

    On Friday, the organization organized another fast-breaking lunch gathering at London’s iconic Victoria and Albert Museum, which was attended by around 400 individuals.

    The organizers congratulated everyone who came to the dinner, saying: “It was the 10th anniversary of Open Iftar, and we were thrilled to make history by holding it pitch-side at Chelsea. Thank you to everyone who came, as well as our speakers, sponsors, and diligent volunteers, for making this iftar historic.”

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