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Thursday, March 30, 2023


    Concerns are growing in the West amid the food and energy crises, but Turkey is unaffected: President Endogen

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    The Turkish president stated on Monday that the energy and food crises are raising concerns in Western nations, but that Turkey “does not have such a problem.”

    “Concerns about energy and food are getting worse in the West as winter approaches. We don’t have any such worries “In remarks made at a gathering in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

    Erdogan claimed that many of the leaders present during a summit he attended in Prague, the Czech Republic, last week told him how they would survive the winter.

    “These (concerns) have been heard by me. The leaders were only considering the (present) situation at hand. Sadly, they weren’t using common sense when assessing the developments between Russia and Ukraine “said he.

    Erdogan further stated that millions of people from Africa to Asia had trouble getting access to basic foods.

    He emphasised that since a deal was signed in July opening a shipping route through the Black Sea, more than 7 million tonnes of grain from Ukraine had been sent to international markets via Turkey.

    The agreement to resume grain exports from three Ukrainian Black Sea ports that were halted following the start of the Russia-Ukraine war was signed on July 22 in Istanbul by Turkey, the UN, Russia, and Ukraine.

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