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Thursday, March 30, 2023


    Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Europe, Al Nassr manager Rudi Garcia confirms.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo will quit Al Nassr, according to manager Rudi Garcia, so he may end his career in Europe.

    After giving a contentious interview to Piers Morgan in which he criticized the club’s facilities and claimed he had no respect for Erik ten Hag, the 38-year-contract old’s with Manchester United was terminated in November.

    Ronaldo agreed to a record-breaking contract with the Saudi club Al Nassr, which will pay the forward an estimated £175 million annually.

    The two-year contract would keep Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia past the age of 40 if he stays there, and the Portugal captain undoubtedly didn’t have many other options before joining the team.

    Ronaldo’s manager in Riyadh, Garcia, a former manager of Roma, claims that Ronaldo will visit Europe before retiring.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a good addition because he spreads out defenders, according to Garcia.

    He is one of the world’s top players. He will go back to Europe rather than end his career at Al Nassr.

    In his two appearances for the team, Ronaldo has failed to score, and they were eliminated from the cup by rivals Al Ittihad last week in the semifinals.

    Garcia advises Ronaldo’s new teammates not to become concentrated on handing him the ball and to avoid becoming intimidated by him.

    Garcia remarked, “Ronaldo missed a goal opportunity that would have changed the game in the first half, but I congratulate Al Ittihad.”

    Until the break, “They were much better than us.” We reacted, but we were unable to reverse our course. Despite losing the Super Cup, we are still in first place overall.

    I finished first in the competition.

    It is crucial that the players act normally and refrain from constantly attempting to pass the ball to Cristiano.

    I advised them to use good judgment when playing the game. Naturally, we have to give the ball to Cristiano or Talisca when they ask for it on their own.

    “These two players have the ability to change things.” I believe that occasionally Ronaldo or Talisca weren’t in the box despite us having ideal crossing situations.

    We need to work on it; one of them should play nearby, and perhaps the other will play elsewhere.

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