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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Declaring May 25th to be a “landmark” World Football Day accomplishment: UN

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    The UN General Assembly President, Dennis Francis, called the declaration of May 25 as World Football Day a “landmark and salutary” accomplishment on Wednesday.

    “More so, because I understand that today marks 100 years since the first international football tournament, held with the participation of all regions of the world for the first time, making this commemoration a special recognition of the symbolism and unifying magic of football,” Francis said to the Assembly on World Football Day.

    Francis noted that football crosses politics, gender, and boundaries, as well as languages and geographical areas.

    “It is, at its very core, a reflection of football’s extraordinary power to bring people of all cultures, backgrounds, and outlooks together,” he said.

    The General Assembly established a resolution designating May 25 as World Football Day on May 7.

    According to the resolution, the day commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first-ever international football competition, which featured teams from every area and was contested as part of the 1924 Summer Olympic Games in Paris, France.

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