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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


    Diarrhea kills 17 persons in southern Somalia.

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    An official reported on Wednesday that an outbreak of severe watery diarrhea killed seventeen people, including children, in Somalia’s southern province of Lower Jubba.

    Mohamed Osman Jemis, Jubbaland’s Deputy Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, informed reporters that the outbreak happened in the Afmadow district and nearby areas.

    According to the minister, who recently delivered a medical contribution to the district, the number of persons suffering from the sickness is growing by the day.

    “The death toll has risen to 17, and many people, primarily youngsters, are suffering from diarrhea. The number of individuals suffering from it grows by the day as water wells dry up and drinking water becomes contaminated, increasing the number of people suffering from the sickness “Minister Mohamed Osman Jemis stated.

    A plane delivering medicine landed in the neighborhood a few days ago, but residents say it is insufficient to address the district’s needs.

    Minister Jemis further indicated that the medicine they gave to Afmadow has already ran out, and he is pleading with humanitarian organizations to send aid to the region.

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