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Monday, July 15, 2024


    Diplomatic Dialogue in Ankara: Turkey Mediates Somalia-Ethiopia Talks

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    In a significant diplomatic move, Turkey hosted mediation talks between Somalia and Ethiopia on Monday, aimed at alleviating the escalating tensions between the East African neighbors. The discussions, facilitated by Turkey’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, mark a critical effort in addressing the strained relations, the Turkish Foreign Ministry confirmed.

    The discord between Somalia and Ethiopia intensified following Ethiopia’s memorandum of understanding with the self-declared independent region of Somaliland in January. Somalia condemned the agreement, viewing it as a violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. The memorandum granted Ethiopia access to the sea through Somaliland, and in exchange, Ethiopia would acknowledge Somaliland’s independence.

    During the talks, Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister, Taye Atske Selassie, and Somalia’s Foreign Minister, Ahmed Moallim Fiqi, engaged in what was described as a “candid, cordial, and forward-looking exchange.” This dialogue, facilitated separately by Turkey, aimed to address the core issues between the two nations.

    A follow-up round of discussions is scheduled for September 2 in Ankara, signaling continued efforts toward a peaceful resolution. Both ministers reaffirmed their dedication to resolving their differences amicably and expressed gratitude to Turkey for its role in facilitating and contributing constructively to the process.

    Historically, Somalia and Ethiopia have maintained peaceful relations, which have been disrupted by Ethiopia’s recent engagement with Somaliland. The current mediation by Turkey is seen as a pivotal step towards restoring harmony and cooperation between the two countries.

    watch the press Conference here 

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