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Tuesday, June 18, 2024


    Djibouti sends around 817 peacekeeping troops to Somalia.

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    In its ongoing efforts to assist the Somali Federal Government in countering the impacts of the Al-Shabab extremist group, Djibouti announced on Monday the shipment of 817 of its troops who had finished training at the Maryam Military Academy in Arta district, Djibouti.

    Defence Minister Hassan Omar Mohamed presided over a farewell ceremony for departing soldiers who will join the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia to replace their outgoing counterparts who have completed their tour of duty, flanked by Army Commander General Sakariye Sheikh Ibrahim and other senior military officials.

    The Army commander, General Zakariye, who spoke at the occasion, said that the first batch of the military component will replace batch-9, which was functioning and stationed in Beledweyne town, Hiraan region.

    He asked the officers to carry out their duties and mandate professionally and in accordance with the established United Nations Conventions controlling the mandate of peacekeeping troops in Somalia.

    The military chief reaffirmed Djibouti’s unflinching resolve to continue aiding Somalia in its efforts to eliminate the Al-Shabab insurgent group, which has been wreaking havoc in the Horn of Africa nation for decades.

    According to the Peace Mission, Djibouti is the third country to send troops into Somalia to combat Al-Shabaab rebels in 2011.

    The government has sent 960 troops into Somalia, and they are stationed in Beletweyne, which acts as Sector 4 headquarters for the Hiiran region.

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